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Oh man, thanks anon i needed that laugh XD  ”HEY! I SAID NO LAUGHING!”


No telling how many bones are broken… Looks like Steve-O is out of the picture for a while.

Simple Ponyville Background by Dipi11

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Twilight Sparkle Casting Magic Vector by Thorinair
Ponyville Background by RedLlama5

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DC’s point of view. 

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*THE END* What kind of fun times well Fuzzumz have in heck? :D stay tuned!!!! send lots of asks :D 

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Eww fuzz, what is wrong with your face?

*Part 4*

Woah, what? there’s more?! bu-but i thought fuzzy was dead?

Stay tuned :3

*Part 3*

Welp that’s the end :D no more Fuzz, nothing to see here, go home it’s over…. or is it? *Part 2*

Here it is folks! the end to the dragon arc! if ya wanna see all the violance go see Dalton city’s point of view of the fight :D

*PART 1*